Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Teaching Tips--Let the Games Begin

I have been hearing about using games to teach for quite a while. The digital environment seems to expand the boundaries even more. I remember watching my kids play Sim City or a myriad of other Sims games for hours and thinking 'These games seem to have a lot of economic concepts in them.'

For our Friday teaching tips, here are a number of articles about gaming and education. Have fun playing.    John

This Week's Featured Topics :

Playing to Learn: Tales from the Trenches

Jeannie Novak writes about "gamifying" the classroom to overcome obstacles, meet key goals, and engage students by using games as instructional tools. Read More »


Fun and Learning for Students of Any Age

In this video, Dan Petrak and Maria Anderson discuss developing apps with adult and young adult learners in mind. Read More »


Digital Games to Engage Students in Learning

Dan Petrak describes the positive benefits gaming has brought to his classroom -- including increased persistence, engagement, and motivation. Read More »

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