Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Teaching Tip- Bringing Yourself Into the Experience

I came upon this short video by Jeff Butterfield at Western Kentucky University. 
He talks about different demographics of students leading to different expectations on their part. He also reflects on how different methods of engagement are not only now possible, but necessary if you are to help your students reach their goals and how it starts with you and what you personally bring to the learning experience.

How much engagement is going on here do you think?
I especially like this quote:

       "Always explain to the students that you have their best interests and their professional success at heart. 
    And when students know you are trying to add to the class, that you are trying to engage them more-that you are bringing in more of yourself and sharing it with them--and that you are doing it so they can benefit from your experience and have better luck when they graduate, they will appreciate it."
Here is the short video

What if you could create a course that looked just like you? What if you could easily and effectively bring more of yourself right into the learning experience of your students? 

check this out

and this.

How have you seen the student demographic in your classroom shift over the years? Share your thoughts on how your students have changed (or not!) in the comments section below, or e-mail us

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