Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hand Me the Red Quill!

It is paper grading time! 
The economist educator, Steve Horwitz, posted this notice on his Facebook status this morning. I take the blame for the meme.
What do you think?

Sarah Skwire and I have created the following, which I will put up on the screen later this morning when I return some papers. Feel free to steal.

"Last week papers were handed in in which the passive voice was used, even though it has been indicated that this is unacceptable. I was not made happy. The passive voice is most often used by government agencies or other bureaucracies who would like to deny or hide responsibility for something. When writing in the passive voice, responsibility for the ideas is deflected and neutered. It has been shown that it is thought by many students that the use of the passive voice produces a more sophisticated or "academic-sounding" paper. The passive voice is often employed to hide a lack of research. The passive voice. It is weak. It is ugly. It is sneaky. It is ineffective. Learn to hate it."

PS--If you ever wonder what a perfect storm of literature and economics would look like, check out Sarah's work. She is also the author of a best selling rhetoric textbook.


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