Saturday, October 27, 2012

In the Midst of a Crisis-Re-Discovering the Educator

In the past number of years there has probably not been a more exciting, dynamic, frustrating but important course to teach than the one for introductory macroeconomics.

Here is a recent paper that Alan Blinder published in one of the  journals about the challenges and rewards in teaching the introductory Macroeconomics class.

When many of us think of Alan Blinder, we immediately think about his work over the years as a researcher, commentator and advisor to presidential administrations on macroeconomic policy issues, but it is instructive to remember (perhaps re-discover) the mark he has had and continues to have on economic education.

The introductory text, Economics: Principles and Policy, that he wrote with William Baumol has, over the past 30+ years, been among the top sellers in a very crowded market.

Probably no other work for beginning students explores the role of policy in the economy as thoroughly  and patiently as this text. Not an easy task--as policy continually evolves, the authors laboriously work to update and put these changes in context. No sitting on the proverbial 'laurels' here.

You can hear a  webcast of Alan speaking to Economist Educators at the 8th Annual Economics Teaching Conference on Thursday, November 8th. The webcast is free, but you do need to sign up HERE.
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The photo on the right is Alan and a participant at a Cengage Learning teaching conference a few years ago. We are pleased to have Alan back this year and particularly delighted that he will be able to stay after his talk to have dinner with the conference participants.

We are bumping up against our limit for on-site attendees to our conference, but there are a few spots left for the conference on Nov. 8 and 9 in Orlando. You can get more info HERE

Questions? Just let me know

BTW- Here is a video of Alan talking about the job of the Federal Reserve this week on CNN

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