Friday, August 24, 2012

Partial List of Accepted Presentations

The Gulf Coast Economics Association has been hard at work reviewing submissions for the 8th Annual Economics Teaching Conference this November in Orlando.

So far, this is a list of presentations with more to come:
  • Story Telling and Parables in Economics — Reconsidering the AS/AD Model Using Game Theory to Teach the Economics of Social Issues
  • The Wall Street Folly’s
  • Left-handed Catchers and Opportunity Cost: Economic Lessons from the Sports World
  • Using the Fed Challenge as the Centerpiece of an Economics Capstone Course
  • Using Bloomberg as a Teaching Tool in Economics
  • The Economics of Harry Potter
  • The Test Assessment Questionnaire: A Tool for Student Self-Assessment after the Midterm Exam
  • (Pod)Casting Out Apathy: Tools for Building and Nurturing Economic Connectedness
  • Rethinking the Use of Concept Maps in Principles of Economics Courses
  • Vincent Van Gogh’s Potato-Eaters: A Classroom Experiment on Consumer Behavior 
  • Inspiring Your Students to Read Their Textbooks
  • Hard, But Not As Hard, Times
  • What’s in a Meme? The Economist’s Guide to Memes in the Classroom
  • Three Collaborate Group Projects that Work!
  • Technologies to Support the “Inside-Out Classroom”
  • Linking Course Content to Core Learning Outcomes: Efficient Design of an Online Economics Course
  • An Experiential Module on Teaching Economic Inclusiveness through Poverty and Inequality
There is still time to submit, but time is running out. You can submit a presentation for consideration here as well as getting all the information about the conference and registering. 

Don't forget that in addition to these presentations and more by some of the most creative Economic Educators in the country, the Keynote talks will be by:
                Greg Mankiw
                Alan Blinder
                James Gwartney
                Daniel Gross

Questions? Just let me know. 


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