Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FREE Kittens for Economist Educators!

Ok, Ok, I know. 
Never tell an economist that something is free...unless you want a lesson on the meanings of that word.
     And Free Kittens is an oxymoron
     And the entries below are not really kittens
     And reviewing this list might take a little time
    And we are asking you to PLEASE VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE 
But then again, you just might find a golden nugget or two for your own classroom.

Below are the entries for the First Annual Economist Educators Best in Class Teaching Award. 
    In a few weeks we will be taking the top vote getters and a panel of Economist Educators will be picking a first, second and third place winner.  Awards are cash prizes for both submitter and  department as well as a trip to The 8th Annual Economics Teaching Conference to present.

Here are the entries, many of them have video---and here is the link to review them and vote.

Henry Chappel, U of South Carolina--Lecture Modules
Becca Arnold, San Diego Mesa College--Visualizing the Economy, Using Interactive Maps
Bruce Madariaga,  Montgomery College--The Economics Exam Bowl!
Alan Grant, Baker University--Using Game Theory and Collective Action Experiments to Teach Econ of Social Issues
Noreen Templin, Butler Community College-The Inside Out Classroom: Vicissitudes for Blended Learning
John Bongomo, Cuyahoga Community College-Types of Taxes: Progressive, Regressive and Flat
Brent Andrus, Salt Lake Community College-Efficiency or Chaos: Live Auction as a Teaching and Learning Tool
Gina Pieters, Trinity University, San Antonio-More Real World Examples Please!
Humberto Barreto, DePauw University-The Biggest Open Problem in Economics: Using a Macro-enhanced Workbook          with Maddison Data to Teach Economic Growth
Kim Coleman, Dillard University--Teaching Principles of Macroeconomics: My Approach
Tina Collins, San Joaquin Valley College-Bartering Activity
Robert Dauffenbach, University of Oklahoma-Practice in Marginal Analysis of Alternative Market Structures
Russell Engel, Sacred Heart University-Epiphany: Teaching Students That They Already Love Economics
Elena Ermolenko Fein, Oakton Community College-Principles of Micro: Local Farms and Community Gardens
Miren Ivankovic, Anderson University-Method to Improve Student Public Speaking: Use the Moth
Fran Murphy and Riley Post, US Military Academy-Let Them Build Paper Airplanes: An Experiential Approach to Firm Theory
Malcolm Robinson, Thomas More College-FP&C: If You Don't Ask For It, You Won't Get It
Katherine Sauer, Metropolitan State U and William Merton, UC Boulder--The Test Assessment Questionnaire: A Tool for Student Self-Assessment After the Midterm Exam.
Allen Wagner, San Diego Mesa College-Making Economics Relevant
Timothy Shaugnessy, LSU Shreveport-The Method of Loci Mnemonic in the Economic Classroom
William Wendt, University of North Carolina Pembroke-My Best and Most Effective Teaching Technique
Foy Mills, Sam Houston State University-Team Based Learning
Dorothy Washington Jones, North Western State University-Teaching Techniques in Economics
Fadhel Kaboub, Denison University-Denison Volunteer Dollard: The Currency of Civic Engagement
Reza Varjavand, St. Xavier University-New Paradigm for Successful Teaching of Economics to Contemporary Students


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