Friday, August 3, 2012

Attack of the Memes!

A while back I posted about Art Carden's creative economics Memes.
It seems that there is a new well for you Economist Educators to draw from. Ryan Murphy and Chuck Fisk, instructors at St. Leo along with Russell Engle a professor at Sacred Heart University and his student Don Pieger have a site called
Economics Memes: How to use Memes to Teach and Learn Economics

They have created some great memes for teaching and general enjoyment and have posted ones that others have done. They also have made it easy (and who doesn't like easy?) to find the ones that match up to particular introductory concepts.  They also have a Facebook site.

I have seen these folks present ways to better engage students of economics at teaching conferences. They, like so many I have been in contact with over the years, embody 'The Art of Instruction, The Power of Engagement, The Spark of Discovery'


PS-Have you registered yet for the 8th Annual Economics Teaching Conference? Have you submitted a paper for presentation?

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