Monday, June 18, 2012

Jodi and TED

Jodi Beggs
 If you are familiar with TED (Technology, Education, Design) and their tagline, 'Ideas Worth Spreading', then you know that it broadcasts talks by some of the most creative and innovative people in the world.

A friend of ours, Jodi Beggs, is giving a TED talk in Boston this Friday, June 22. Here is the description and a place where you can watch the talk live.

Context is King We're biased by what we expect. Billboard charts, restaurant reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations have been around for decades, but indicators of popularity and perceived quality have never been as pervasive as in our current environment.
     Economists traditionally assume that more information enables people to maximize their utility or happiness, but behavioral economists and social psychologists have identified a number of ways in which context and perceived social preferences systematically bias our choices and experiences in potentially unproductive ways.  Being aware of the powerful effects our preconceived notions have on our actual experiences can help to mitigate our biases and lead to better choices.

Break a leg, Jodi!

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