Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Top 300

Drawing from many disciplines, The Princeton Review has just published a list of some of the best professors in America .
Congratulations to the 14 economist educators who made the list.
And here they are:
Randy Beard            Auburn University
Jay Corrigan             Kenyon College
W. Macy Finck          Auburn University
Elizabeth Jensen      Hamilton College
James Jozefowicz    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Chris Kingston          Amherst College
Avi Liveson               CUNY Hunter College
Greg Mankiw            Harvard University
Roberto Serrano        Brown University
Kevin Simmons        Austin College
Cindy van Es            Cornell University
Akila Weerapana     Wellesley University
William Wood          James Madison University

Of course I can't help but mention that two of these instructors also happen to be authors of principles of economics texts, and both texts happen to be published by Cengage Learning, South-Western Publishing.

Greg Mankiw and Students
Akila Weerapana

Congratulations to Cengage Learning authors, Greg Mankiw and Akila Weerapana  (co-author with John Taylor), for their recognition as top Economist Educators! 
And, again, thank you to all of you economist educators out there who are also worthy of a 'best of' list.

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