Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jeremy Stein--Recent Cengage Learning Event

Jeremy Stein has just been nominated to be on the Federal Reserve's board by President Obama. Here is a photo of Jeremy presenting to economics instructors from around the country at a Cengage Learning teaching event co-sponsored with Harvard University this past April.
     South-Western, Cengage Learning Economics takes 'The Art of Instruction' seriously. For the past  number of years we have been the only publisher regularly making the top economists in the world as well as some of the most innovative teachers available to the teaching community through our events and teaching conferences. In the past, we have had such speakers as,
   William Baumol
   Alan Blinder
   Bob Hall
   Greg Mankiw
   Paul Romer
   John Taylor
   Jim Gwartney
   Michael Cox
   Allan Meltzer
       and many others
     For 2012, we have plans for an even bigger year! If teaching economics is your thing and you want to have access to resources and events, please make this blog a regular stop in 2012. You can subscribe to have an email reminder of each new post. Make sure you are also connected to our Economics Community Site where you will find everything from products to events.

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