Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Going to Have to Save These for Next Semester!

It never fails. Two great discussion starters fall right in your lap right when the semester is almost over!
     A couple of days ago we posted a cool piece from Seth Godin about what economists might think of the practice of putting up Christmas Lights that at least one instructor I know was going to use in his class.
    Then there was an opinion piece in the NY Times about the market for Kidneys Always a great debate starter about markets, scarcity and incentives
     But here is one that will really get your class talking, and give you a foothold to explore the concept of the 'free rider'. Firefighters watch as a House Burns Down because the owners did not pony up the $75 yearly fee for fire protection. Thanks to Alan Grant at Baker University for the tip on this one. I wonder what the implication would be if their house caught fire because of Christmas lights?
     What are your favorite discussion starters?

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