Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Art of Instruction

I was inspired last week when about 150 economics instructors came together in New Orleans to collaborate, present and talk about better ways of teaching economics.
In these tough budget times, getting travel funds and time off to attend a teaching conference is not easy and this spoke to the dedication of these folks.
In his book, Linchpin Set Godin talks about ‘creating art’ and how this term need not  apply only to painters, sculptors and practitioners of what we call the fine arts.
“Our world no longer fairly compensates people who are cogs in a giant machine. There’s stress because for many of us, that’s all we know. Schools and society have reinforced this approach for generations.
It turns out that what we need are gifts and connections and humanity—and the artists who create them."
Is instruction an art?  Do you see yourself as an artist?
              What do you hope your students get from their time with you?
What are you doing differently these days?

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