Friday, November 4, 2011

Alan Blinder on The Changing Principles Course

Alan Blinder at a past Cengage Teaching Event
One of the best things about working with the numbers and quality of the authors that I get to interact with at Cengage Learning is that each has a different opinion on various topics. This is one of the things that makes the study of economics so vital, dynamic and interesting.
While economists agree on most of the main principles, there is always differences in what to emphasize, the depth of coverage, what to leave out--what to include etc. Add the current economic situation, and the decisions become even more numerous and important.
I am sure that you face many of these issues in your own classrooms
       Alan Blinder has been doing a lot of thinking about the evolving principles course. He continues to teach the Macro Principles class at Princeton as he has done for many years. His recent edition of Economics:Principles and Policy with Will Baumol contains much of what he has been speaking and writing about recently pertaining to teaching principles in the current environment. 
     Recently, we asked Alan to sit down and talk about his thoughts on the evolving principles course. We thought you might enjoy it. 
Alan Blinder on Principles
  • From a content perspective, has your principles course changed substantially from the way you were teaching it, say, 5 years ago?
Stay tuned to this space as we will soon be posting a video by John Taylor on how he sees the course evolving.
                John Carey

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