Monday, October 24, 2011

A Different Kind of Event

Sometimes we are asked about the format of the Economics Teaching Conference and how the event started. 'Back in the day' we pretty much did what other economic publishers did. We showed up at conferences with a booth or if we did have a customer event, it usually consisted of locking customers in a conference room and having marketing managers talk 'at them' about products. YIKES!

About 7 years ago we got the idea that there had to be a way to get instructors together in an environment where they could find value in interacting with their colleagues, learn new things and get to meet some of the leading economists in the world. We at Cengage Learning were in a good position because we had many of the leading economists as our authors. At that time we partnered with a group of economist educators in the Houston Texas area who were forming the Gulf Coast Economics Association. The keynote speakers for the first conference were Paul Romer, Michael Cox and Greg Mankiw.

This is a unique partnership. The Gulf Coast Economics Association has total control of the academic papers and presentations given at the conference. They do a fabulous job and every year some of the best and most creative instructors in the country present at the conference. Cengage Learning helps to underwrite some of the expenses not covered by the registration fees and provides the keynote speakers. Cengage does, of course, have presentations of their products available to attendees, but those are totally optional.

If you are not attending this year, we hope you will start to think about coming to our conference next year at a location still to be determined.

John Carey

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